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MUVON Therapeutics selected for Tech4Eva accelerator program

MUVON Therapeutics is proud to have been selected as one of 30 start-ups and projects from around the world to join Switzerlands first FemTech acclerator program. 110 early and growth stage start-ups applied to the accelerator from 25 countries around the globe.

Tech4Eva, is a joint endeavor of EPFL Innovation Park and Groupe Mutuel. with the goal of accelerating the growth of promising Femtech start-ups, and to create an innovation platform in Switzerland, where disruptive start-ups and projects from around the globe can meet and develop innovative solutions for improving or advancing technologies relating to women’s health. It also aims to create a global FemTech community by connecting all stakeholders active in the sector.

We are excited for the 9-month journey ahead which will feature mentorship by corporate experts, specialized workshops, roadshows, as well as focus groups in different areas of FemTech.

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