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MUVON finishes as Top 3 finalist for the ZKB Pionierpreis 2023 with our tissue engineering therapy

With our novel therapy platform for skeletal muscle regeneration, the MUVON team has won the prize of 10k as a runner up for the ZKB Pionierpreis 2023.

The Pionierpreis or "pioneer award" is considered the leading innovation award for deep-tech start-ups in Switzerland and a significant achievement for young companies.

The Pioneer Award honors projects at the transition from an innovative idea to marketability. At this point, start-ups are still usually a long way from making a profit and in a phase where financing is not easy. In addition, the rigorous selection process by a top-class jury lends credibility to the business model of the start-ups.

With a small budget, great ideas, and much courage they step into the unknown. To this day, cultural progress depends primarily on inventive talent and innovation. The Pioneer Award acknowledges the commitment and risk-taking of start-up founders.

MUVON would like to thank the sponsors, the Zürcher Kantonalbank & the Technopark Zürich, for organizing this inspiring competition.

We also congratulate to the winner “Synthara AG” and the co-finalist “AgroSustain AG” for their fantastic achievements and innovative break-through ideas.

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