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Modern Therapy of Urinary Incontinence Using Muscle Stem Cells (Article in German)


Urinary incontinence affects a large number of patients, and the cost of treatment continues to rise with the demographic change. There are various conservative and surgical therapies, which are often limited in their effect or limited in time. We are lacking long-term and sustainable solutions, whereas the treatment with a regenerative approach using stem cells forms a promising alternative. Various preclinical and clinical studies have investigated the use of precursor cells to strengthen the urinary sphincter muscle. This review discusses the issue of stress incontinence from the physiological point of view to conventional treatment and novel therapies using muscle stem cells. In addition, the authors inform about an ongoing prospective trial at the University Hospital in Zurich, which makes use of this modern and regenerative therapy form.

Florian Schmid & Daniel Eberli, Praxis (2020), 109, pp. 447-452

Keywords: Belastungsinkontinenz; Incontinence à l’effort; Stammzelltherapie; Stress urinary incontinence; mini-invasive; minimalinvasiv; minimally-invasive; regenerativ; regenerative; régénérative; stem cell therapy; thérapie à base de cellules souches.

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